Should there be more gun control? – Debate in English

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Should there be more gun control? – Debate in English

Should there be more gun control? What’s your opinion? Let us know in the comment section!

Practice your debating techniques and vocabulary with every other English student in the world!

Discuss important topics such as religion and politics, use the vocabulary you’ve learned to express your opinion.

Ways to give your opinion:
I think that…
In my opinion…
I’m of the opinion (that)..
I like to think (that)…
I’m convinced (that)…

To emphasise a point:
I must stress (that)….

To repeat an important statement:
Just to reiterate…

To ask for opinion:
Where do you stand on…?
What’s your opinion on…?

How to agree with someone:
You’ve got a point.
I see your point.

To say that you agree with/support a general idea
I’m for…
I’m pro-…

How to disagree with someone:
I’m afraid I have to disagree (with…)
I’m not persuaded (that)…
I can’t agree with you.
It’s against what I believe.
I have to take issue with…

To disagree with a general idea:
I’m against…
I’m anti-…

To encourage further discussion:
Is it not therefore more beneficial to….?
Does it not make more sense to….?
Have you considered…?
Your opinion is biased.

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