Learn 48 adjectives in English to describe people with Chinese astrology

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Learn 48 adjectives in English to describe people with Chinese astrology

Are you confident and dazzling like a dragon or innocent and humble like a sheep? Loyal as a dog or two-faced like a snake? In Chinese astrology, the years are represented by animals, and each animal has its own positive and negative qualities. Even if you don’t care about astrology, it’s a great way to learn a lot of vocabulary for describing different types of people. In this video, I’ll teach you 48 adjectives using Chinese astrology! Many of these adjectives are quite advanced. 2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog. Learn the good and bad characteristics associated with the dog, as well as eleven other animals in this video: ox, dragon, sheep, tiger, rabbit, snake, horse, monkey, rooster, boar, and rat. Do you know the animal that represents the year you were born in the Chinese horoscope? I’ll also tell you what animal I am represented by in the Chinese horoscope and tell you my thoughts about it.

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Hi, everyone. In today’s lesson we’re going to look at Chinese astrology, and I’m going to teach you adjectives that you can use to describe a personality. Now, to do this lesson, you don’t have to believe in astrology and you don’t have to be that much interested in astrology either. If you do like astrology like I do, then it’s even better because you’ll learn something about astrology and also some really useful vocabulary for you to use. The way this lesson is organized is that the animals in Chinese astrology are like the signs in Western astrology, and people have different animals to represent them. So, in Chinese astrology, what they do is put the animals into different groups, and there are five groups. We start here with the earth signs, then the wood signs, the fire signs, and later we have the water signs, and the metal signs. And what you can do now is check: Which animal represents you in Chinese astrology? So you just check the year that you were born, and that will show you what animal describes your personality.

First of all, we’ll start with the ox. The ox is my sign in Chinese astrology. And we don’t have any oxes here in England, but the closest thing to an ox would be, like, a big cow or a bull, but we don’t have them over here. So, what would describe the ox’s personality is to say somebody who is reliable, hardworking, strong, and stubborn. If you think about a… If you… If you imagine the picture of an ox in your head, they have a big, strong body, so they’re physically strong, they’re reliable, you can trust them to do the work that you need them to do. Even if an ox is tired in the field from working, the ox is so strong that it will continue working. And an ox is also stubborn. It will not… If it’s decided what it wants to do, it will not change its mind. And one of my mom’s dogs is very, very stubborn for a dog. If I take him for a walk, he decides where he wants to go, and he always want to go to the same park so he can play with his ball. If I try to take him somewhere else, he just stands there and he’s so heavy to move, he won’t move. He’s really, really stubborn. He wants to go to the park, and that’s it. He’ll just stand like that until I take him to the park.

Next animal is the dragon. The dragon is… Well, it’s not a real animal, or is it? I don’t know. It’s not a real animal, but it’s confident, imaginative, dazzling, and fiery. So, dragon personalities, dragon people have so much charisma and energy in their personality. Other people look at the dragon as someone that’s amazing and unusual in lots of ways. And I heard once, but I don’t know if it’s true-let me know if it is true in the comments-that in China the years that are the dragon years, many parents want to have a child born in a dragon year, so I heard that there are small baby booms every dragon year. Let me know if you know if that’s true. So, a confident person is the opposite of shy, they know what they want, they can go for what they want. An imaginative person, they have many ideas and they think of things first before other people. They’re dazzling. Usually we say lights are dazzling when they… They’re bright, but they move a bit in your eye, we say: „Oh, it’s dazzling”, and the dragon dazzles us because it’s so amazing. And also the dragon is fiery. Obviously a dragon can breathe fire on us, and in that way the dragon is fiery, but people who are fiery, they have quite a strong temper. You don’t want to… You don’t want that dragon to be angry with you because you might get scared.

Next we have the sheep. People who are born in the Year of the Sheep, we could call them innocent, patient, humble, and conformist people. So, if you think in your head, imagine… Imagine a scene with some sheep in the countryside on the farm with the shepherd, their lives are very innocent in the field. […]